People call me an Executive Producer.

Please think of me as someone who produces more, and is a stuffy executive less, or hopefully not at all.

As an integrated producer,  my job is to make things happen. So I make budgets. I make schedules. I organize talent and I organize our team. I work with clients, account teams, developers, designers, directors, editors, fabricators, audio engineers, technologists. Whatever it takes, I do it. 

I’ve been making things happen my whole career at various leading agencies and production companies on both the traditional and interactive side for some great clients, both big and small.  So I’ve had a hand in a lot of great, award-winning, successful campaigns. Which makes me feel good.

Most recently, I was the Executive Producer and one of the Co-Founders of Colorfield, a digital design and development company. While there, I helped run the business while producing projects ranging from small HTML5 banner campaigns to a 20ft LED tower trivia game, and everything in between.

Some kind words...

“Amanda cares about the integrity of the idea and creative vision, while staying practical when it comes to execution. She is amazing at problem solving on the fly. She always finds a way to make it happen!”

Lisa Hamilton, Director - Digital Production, JWT Worldwide

“Amanda is an awesome Executive Producer. She kicks asses in many directions. Would work with her again in a blink.”

Denis Kartashevskiy, Senior Freelance Developer

“Amanda is one of the most reliable and resourceful people I’ve ever worked with. She has a solid experience in the digital world and her project management style is trustworthy and efficient. I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again in the future.”

Thais Alencar, VP of Product Development, Worldwide at EdgeMakers Inc.